Wednesday, January 09, 2013


This year we started 2013 off with a bang and implemented a new software program with more features, more services and more "stuff". It has been a great, but rocky start. Change can be hard. As a leader in my office I have to balance rocking the boat with staying ahead or falling behind. It is a struggle but I hope that my agents know that we would not bring them anything that we think would hurt them, their business or their clients. Our goals are always to strive to improve their business, their relationships and their productivity. All-in-all - it is going well. It is a task for me and for everyone else to review how we handle change, how we move forward and how we be the best we can be. I am convinced that with a good attitude you can do it anything and overcome any perceived challenges and turn them into long-term victories.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


What type of shows do you like to wear when it is this hot? This is the bottom of Rhonda Carlson's shoe. She always has great tips on comfortable shoes.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Wish

Each year at my office we send a copy of one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul stories to my agents. It’s a tradition that my dad started decades ago, and we still continue it to this day. It’s always a big hit because the stories are so touching and remind us of the importance of caring for one another and giving our time.

One of my favorites talks about a sociology research study done in a slum in Baltimore. After interviewing 200 young boys, each of the researchers wrote the same evaluation for them: “He hasn’t got a chance.”
Twenty-five years later another sociology professor decided to find out what happened to those 200 boys. He found almost of all of them and discovered that the majority had found more than “ordinary success.”
Why? Each of them said there was a teacher in his life that made a difference for them.

My holiday wish for REALTORS® in 2011 is that we’ll be teachers and be willing to be taught. If you’ve been in the business for a while, find a new REALTOR® that you can mentor. If you’re new to the business, seek out a mentor.
I learned the business from my father, and his insights have helped me tremendously. He is one of the best mentors anyone could have.

If we aren’t learning we aren’t growing. Every in agent in your office can help contribute to you being a better salesperson. Every member of your local and state association can help you be a better leader. Our association is filled with teachers, talent and wisdom.

We’re facing great challenges in the coming year. We’re working to open up credit lines so we can get the real estate market off its feet. We’re also working overtime to protect the mortgage interest deduction. NAR has your back on these vital issues.
But success in our industry will take more than strong legislation. We also need wise professional counsel. If you’re just starting out, contact your local association and get involved. Then find someone who can mentor you. None of us goes it alone. We all need a strong teacher to guide our steps and encourage us to blaze new trails.

I hope in the coming year we can each find ourselves teaching, learning and improving our businesses one lesson at a time. All my best to you this holiday season! – Elizabeth Mendenhall, 2011 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Committees

Monday, March 16, 2009

NAR Issues Conference

So Larry, Dad and I head out to the NAR issues conference in San Diego. I will say this was a great meeting/vacation. The resort was beautiful - The Grand Del Mar and the location was right near the coast. This conference is for members of the RPAC President's Circle. It was the who's who of NAR, but it was also one of the best meetings for really getting to know people. Because we did not have any committee meetings where we needed to be "on", we just got a real chance to know each other, relax and have a great time. This is a must attend event.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

40 years of excellence!

How often can you celebrate the commitment and excellence of someone who has been with the same company for 40 years? Yesterday we got the opportunity to honor Bill McCollum for 40 years with RE/MAX Boone Realty. He was one of the first people that my grandparents hired in 1969 to work for them and help as a closing broker. Today, Bill is the premier closing broker in Boone County and helps close thousands of property each year.

One of the greatest traits of a person is their loyalty and character. Bill's loyalty to our company, our agents and family cannot be measured and his character is matched by few. Thanks Bill for all of your great advice, wisdom and friendship. We love you!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Success Celebrations

Yesterday was the RE/MAX Mid-States Success Celebration. This year it was a great banquet as usual, but was bittersweet for many. In one of the worst years in real estate, many were not very excited to think about attending a success celebration. Our industry numbers show that on average 15% of our membership did not "come back" to experience 2009. So for those who are still in the business - yes the numbers may be down, yes you may have experienced a drop in income and expenses are on the rise, but you are the remaining, the professional, and the successful. What a great reason to celebrate - there are many opportunities ahead!

Congratulations to Larry Keating who was honored with the Distinguished Service Award for the Region and also the #1 office in transactions and volume in the Mid-States Region (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas) RE/MAX Boone Realty

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Music Makes A Moment

I am sitting at home watching the Grammy's and loving all of the super musical numbers. Music calms the beast, lifts the heart and just makes a huge difference in your mood and attitude. This year at the Missouri Association of REALTORS January meetings we started a General Session in the morning to get everyone together to start the day. Outside the room you could hear the music blasting from the hall and you knew that something exciting was happening inside. If you want to make your showing experiences with clients, meetings, events or activities memoriable and fun - don't forget the music!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

It all comes back to Seinfeld

We have a saying in our office - It all comes back to Seinfeld. It seems that the show about nothing was actually about everything. The great thing about pop-culture phenomenas is that you can enjoy and share stories with your friends and co-workers. We have had so many laughs at the office because we find ourselves in another Seinfeld moment. Tonight I am headed to St. Louis to see Jerry Seinfeld perform. I know I will have many more fun moments and laughs at the office this week when I share the stories. It is great to have fun co-workers and agents who have a good sense of humor and knowledge of pop-culture!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go for the Gold!

Be Great in '08 - I love the Olympics!! The weeks leading up and the actual events are filled with excitement, energy, passion and patriotism. Don't try to find or schedule any appointments while the events are happening because I will be glued to my TV. We had an awesome event with our company at the Copperstone Club House to kick-off and celebrate the opening ceremonies. Agents are like Olympians - they work hard, are dedicated to their sport and are committed to the American Dream! Be Great in '08 - GO USA!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Sun

I am so excited for summer. This is the busy season in real estate so everyone seems to be in a more positive state of mind. This year started off with the death of my grandfather, Hirst Mendenhall - not a great way to begin the year. In the past three years three of my grandparents have died. It was a wake up call to realize that I needed to spend more time with my family and friends. This summer I am headed to North Carolina to our family reunion. I have not been in eight years! I am so excited to see everyone and catch up. We are in an industry where we help families move and relocate everyday. No matter where they go - we help them stay together! Moments with your family are the best moments in life.